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CC Iowa Style

Page Three
June 1999

Sadie and Donny     
         I got you first. 

Sadie and Vinny
     Mom and Harley
 The door is locked, 
      But we might be able to crawl out that window.
 Lordy, did I drink all these? 

Seaj and Fasteddie     pssssssssst. He's been stareing at me for an hour know.

   Cmk and Vinny
                         You think they can tell
                            that we are vampires?

     Cmk and Llyndy
 O My God! Whats that on the ceiling?

  Lake and Sadie
 Yes, it was good but 
                                        we are still hungry!

  LadyDi and Fasteddie
 Just a little more to the left ok dear?

 What do you mean I'm drawing fly's

  Cook and Vinny
You want more cake????

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